Q. Who is eligible to attend an LSL workshop?
A. LSL is focused on law enforcement, military or those involved in the training of LE/Mil. Due to the fast pace and tempo of the course, we are required to vet each attendee and verify their ability and level of safety with a firearm, because of this our liability concerns are high and we are forced to ask unqualified individuals to not enroll. 
Q. I see two dates for LSL in my area, how many days is an LSL workshop?
A. An LSL workshop is a single day event that is performed twice in each host location, giving maximum opportunity for as many individuals to attend as possible. When registering please sign up for one day only.
Q. What is my cost for attending an LSL workshop?
A. LSL is a cost-free event, the training is brought to each location through the cooperative support of the host agency and sponsoring manufacturers. The students only cost is their ammunition and on rare occasions, we have host facilities that charge students a range fee, in the event of this you'll see notice of a range fee on your registration pages.
Q. If I don't have a carbine or my agency doesn't issue one can I still attend?
A. Of course, come to train with what you carry or what you're issued.
Q. What happens if I enroll, but fail to show up?
A, If you fail to show up for your scheduled workshop your unused seat in the class keeps someone else from enrolling, each class has a maximum attendance limit and once that number is reached no one else is allowed to enroll. If you know you're not going to make it, simply follow the link in your confirmation email and un-enroll yourself from the class, freeing up your seat for someone else.
Q. If I can't make the workshop I'm scheduled for can a friend or co-worker go in my place?
A. Yes, so long as they are qualified. Please un-enroll yourself from the workshop (see Q & A above) and have your replacement enroll them self in the course.
Q. I need to cancel my enrollment, what do I need to do?
A. When you enrolled you've received a confirmation email from our system, in this email is a link if you need to change anything about your registration, including un-enrollment.
Q. What are the hours of an LSL workshop?
A. Hours vary from location to location, but generally, there are three models; 0900 - 1700 (typically for indoor facilities), 0800 - 1600 and 1200 - 2000 (typically for outdoor facilities).