2020 Required Equipment & Course Details

Every year the Lights Sights Lasers U.S. Tour training format changes, based on lessons learned from the previous year’s tour and from requests from students and agencies that hosted the LSL tour.


In 2020 our format is “COMPROMISED SPACE & POSITIONS” this program will address contemporary issues faced in the real-world and will emphasize tactical movement and efficient weapons manipulation, because of this the 2020 program may have drills and periods of training that are PHYSICALLY DEMANDING please come prepared.


As we offered in the past, this program will have portions that are handgun specific and portions that are carbine specific, students carrying either or both are welcome to attend. YOU WILL NOT BE TURNED AWAY BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE A CARBINE.


In 2020 we are shortening the classroom portion and expanding the range portion of the class and we have eliminated the scheduled meal break, students are asked to bring adequate food and water to keep themselves comfortable as there will be no time available at any location for a lengthy break, rather we will have a “working” meal break during class.


2020 will be an exciting year for the LSL tour and the class format promises to be an exciting and challenging event for those who attend the training sessions.


Required and Recommended Gear List:


  • Handgun with minimum of 3 magazine (REQUIRED)

  • Carbine with minimum of 3 magazines (if you have a carbine or plan on using one)

  • Holster & magazine carriers (please don’t use pockets or radio carriers for ammunition, this is not real world practical) (REQUIRED)

  • Sling for carbine (if you have a carbine or plan on using one)

  • Comfortable clothing suitable for training and weather conditions at your specific training location

  • Hearing protection (REQUIRED)

  • Eye protection (include clear eye protection for night/low light drills) (REQUIRED)

  • Gloves (recommended, not required)

  • Elbow and knee pads (recommended, not required)

  • Working handheld flashlight (REQUIRED)

  • Weapons mounted light (if you’re currently running one)

  • 400 rounds of ammunition for the handgun

  • 100 rounds of ammunition for the carbine (if your are planning on running a carbine, If you don’t have a carbine plan on doing the program with a handgun only)                                                       

  • Meal, food, snacks adequate to keep you comfortable during the duration of the class (no scheduled meal break factored into this year’s tour)

  • Water (stay hydrated).