Our annual LSL tour is based on the philosophy of providing to the most deserving, and those who bear the brunt of enormous cut backs, while having to continue excelling at the job there sworn to do! Make a difference: Be part of a large scale initiative to help America through the professional development of their first responders.


The Annual Lights, Sights & Lasers Tour is a uniquely different training event, one that strives to bring the most relevant, dynamic and realistic aspects of real the real world, while remaining COST FREE to those hosts and attend the regional events. It was founded in 2011 as a response to the desires of a group of industry professionals who recognized budget and training short-comings faced by today’s law enforcement, military and security professionals. The event now boasts a trained student body of more than 17,000 and a count of over 4000 participating agencies across the country.


One of the unique facets of the Lights, Sights & Lasers Workshop (LSL) is that it is geared toward the individual who will take the information back to his/her organization, share and integrate what they have learned, each LSL event is demanding and educational, yet fun, challenging and rewarding for the attendee.


The main goal is to test the skill and ability of the individual, challenge current philosophy and present new information in a critical thought-provoking format. While the annual event is titled “Lights, Sights & Lasers” is more about the individual then it is equipment or gear.

These schools are intended for public and private law enforcement officers and military personnel who are currently assigned, or about to be assigned, duties as law enforcement firearm instructors. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to develop and conduct safe, effective, reality-based and agency-related firearm training. Classroom instruction and practical exercises on the range provide a model for students to use in building their own agency programs. In addition, the school will enhance each student's firearm knowledge and handling skills. All classes and range exercises are conducted at the instructor level, with students conducting many of the range exercises to gain experience. Students are exposed to a wide variety of shooting techniques, training methods, and tactical philosophies, which allows them to choose what best serves their students.



We are currently accepting requests to host Lights, Sights & Lasers Tour Stops and Workshops. The host is responsible for providing range and classroom facilities along with some other minor administrative duties. In return, the host will receive guaranteed slots in the workshop. Additionally, Khyber will provide professional staff to conduct the school, student handout material, and various equipment provided by our event sponsors. The program objectives include increasing the instructional ability of the professional firearms instructor and making relevant training more accessible to law enforcement officers and other professionals throughout the country. Please contact our staff for a host information package at (877) 884-0909 or e-mail us at



The Annual Lights, Sights & Lasers Training Tour Workshop purpose is to increase each student's individual firearm operator and instructor skills. The curriculum is designed to assist students in developing and conducting safe, effective, reality-based, and relevant firearm training. Instruction will be presented and practical exercises conducted to help students develop greater knowledge and skills.   These are NOT basic operator or shooting programs. All classes and range exercises are conducted at the instructor level and students will be expected to participate in all range exercises.


Who Should Attend- These cost-free workshops are intended for public and private law enforcement officers and military personnel who are currently assigned, or about to be assigned, duties as law enforcement firearm instructors, tactical officers, and special duty officers.


Class Size – The cost-free Lights, Sights & Lasers Training Workshop are limited only by the size of your facility (classroom seating and range space), which includes the guaranteed slots that are offered to you for hosting the workshop (dependent on range/classroom accommodations). A minimum number of students is required (normally 20) for a workshop to be conducted.


Training Dates – Each LSL workshop is a single day event and is done a minimum of twice at a host location. Please have an idea on workshop dates before starting to make arrangements for the event, and have a couple alternate dates. Our programs and our training staff are scheduled well in advance (usually six to nine months). Requested training dates cannot be confirmed until all the necessary paperwork is received by our staff.



Note:The classroom and range must be reserved for the exclusive use of the LSL workshop for the duration of the training. Weather and other factors may require changes to the schedule.

  • Classroom with Chairs and Desks/Tables - A secure classroom with chairs and desks/tables on, or adjacent to, the range. The classroom must be available for the exclusive use of the LSL workshop. The classroom will be used every day.

  • LCD data projector, laptop computer and screen - Projector should be a minimum of 800 lumens and have spare bulbs available. The laptop computer should be capable of accepting a CD-Rom or flash drive that our instructors will have to run PowerPoint presentations. A laptop computer and projector can be provided by our staff with advance notice.

  • Chalkboard/Dry-wipe Board - Chalkboard, chalk, and eraser; or dry-wipe board, dry-wipe markers; flip chart.

    Range Requirements and Equipment:

  • Ample Firing Points - The number of firing points is a determining factor in deciding the maximum number of students in the school. (We have a minimum requirement of 20 students and a maximum number of 30 for all instructor schools.) Our preference is to have one target frame per student, plus 2 extras, but we can conduct a workshop with one target frame for every 2 students, plus 2 extra.

  •  A minimum shooting distance of 25 yards is acceptable for all workshops.

    Simulated Cover/Concealment - Portable cover simulation is preferred. Portable target frames are ideal. At least one for every two students is required.

  • Staple Guns - If staple guns are used to secure targets, a minimum of one staple gun for every three firing points, with extra staples for each, is required.

  • Reduced Light Shooting - Reduced light (night firing) shooting is conducted as a part of this workshop and the range must allow these required exercises.


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The Annual Lights, Sights & Lasers Tour program is the perfect outlet for your company to gain publicity and brand recognition that every business needs. Business leaders recognize and appreciate companies that help them gain knowledge and make important contacts. Our footprint within the law enforcement/military community and the commercial industry that supports it represents some of the nation’s most important and influential leaders, decision makers, end users, media personalities, political figures and more.


Sponsoring the Annual Lights, Sights & Lasers Tour provides a great means of broadening your competitive advantage by improving your company’s reflection, prestige, and credibility through supporting a recognized event that your community and audience find exciting and attractive. Through sponsorships, we strive to create partnerships that are beneficial to all who are involved. By concentrating on aiding the businesses in the law enforcement, military, and firearms industry in reaching their marketing goals through organized and dedicated events, publications and web presence, the Annual Lights, Sights & Lasers program promotes the development of businesses in our industry and across the country.


Sponsorship is not an act of charity - it must show some form of positive return on investment (ROI), sponsorship is a business arrangement, a sponsor of the Lights, Sights & Lasers Annual Tour Workshop will enjoy a wide range of benefits to include:


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Please contact our staff for full sponsorship proposal and registration packet at (877)884-0909 or through email at